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Red Penguin

Red Penguin

There are much more possibilities available for us in every moment than we think.

With the purpose of being present all the time, the practice of paying close attention show that time is just a concept. The future and past are just concepts. When being truly in the present, these ideas stop having weigh or importance because the moments in the present are infinite.

To keep in the present is to take every moment as gift and equal. No matter, these moments bring pain, challenges or excitement, it always provides information on how to benefit or enjoy the next moment. With this mind, we can accept any occurrence gladly with open mind and deal with it fully to progress positively further.

And this way, we can maintain the balance in life. By accepting life challenges, we may avoid creating the potentially unhappy moments so hard to deal with. And so, we can have more attention on the happy times.

The wider picture

If there really was just one day, it possibly wouldn’t be a problem anymore… but it’s possible that we’re unintentionally doing it with our whole lifetime.

It’s a puzzle. While trying to avoid these negative thoughts about the life, we may end up making the picture wider. By recalling those had or unhappy moment more we’ve experienced in an effort to keep from them, we unintentionally affect our entire life perception as in feeling or thought.

In short, if we give no importance to past errors, we may leave the sense of forthcoming doom.


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