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Seamless Opportunities

Seamless Opportunities

We spend our lives as if we are going to live forever. Yet when we reach our last minute here in this world we suddenly realise that it's all over. Nicely done. There are some people who never reach the last minute because they are immortal.

Time is very interesting thing. At the same time, it may much easily move too slowly or too quickly. Feeling pressure may be horrible, but this way the sense of things is dragging on. Time is very vital thing to understand everything well, however, it’s absolutely intangible. We do not know actually what it has meaning so we count or measure the time with very simple units such as second, hour and year. Simple. But still it does not work because the waiting of a bus for a few moments look very more than 30 minutes with college friends.

What we possibly don’t realize is only how it can have emotional effect on our life beyond many boring and stressed moments. Here, I will research why it’s that a few people think like they’re going forcefully to a forthcoming death, while other people have the feelings that there are many opportunities for them every day.

And more notably, what it’s that we have ability to maintain the balance and bend the time.

Time distortion

“Time twists interrupt our sequential, temporal, linear world in the manner that has intense effects on our reality”, the Quantum Psychology experts said.

So, the time is taking place in our mind and adapted by individual preference, regardless of how much we accept it as true otherwise. This skill that we should improve and deal with our sense of time is considered the same as a psychological ability. It’s a skill learned by our unconscious mind throughout its development in the early years of an individual’s life.

The Quantum Psychology experts call this skill “trance phenomena”. There are a number of methods in which we can unconsciously twist the experience of any new sensory information. That is to say, by distorting our views about the world, every one of us encounters his or her personal version.

As one develops, his or her young mind makes every possible effort to bring enjoyment, ease, safety and nurturance in the life to the most level it is possible. So, it is logically and reasonably true that we always try to lengthen and improve our pleasurable moments and move through the unhappy moments very quickly.

Obviously, it isn’t really achieved because while trying to encounter any inappropriate moment, we realize the opposite. Therefore, we experience sad, painful or boring events to drag on in a relentless manner, and the happy moments to be pass very fast. We think that the happy moments were very short.


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