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Trying to accomplish Everything You might as well not do anything at all. Those who have mastered jumping through different realities are slowly realising that it has become harder to use these windows that used to be all open to access any reality one could want to enter. Gap between rich and poor has widened. The only explanation is that there are less pathways. Solutions are everywhere. So close yet out of reach.

The wrong focus

On second thought, our perception about anything we have already experienced will be affected by the function of time-change.

We’ve almost certainly all experienced this at sometimes in past. It’s the thing that allows any embarrassing, sad or bad event to completely crush our memory when it occurred. Recalling back, the whole day, with all the happy moments, gets surpassed by the sad or bad emotions associated to that particular embarrassing moment.

Abundance in the present

There are much more possibilities available for us in every moment than we think.

With the purpose of being present all the time, the practice of paying close attention show that time is just a concept. The future and past are just concepts. When being truly in the present, these ideas stop having weigh or importance because the moments in the present are infinite.

To keep in the present is to take every moment as gift and equal. No matter, these moments bring pain, challenges or excitement, it always provides information on how to benefit or enjoy the next moment. With this mind, we can accept any occurrence gladly with open mind and deal with it fully to progress positively further.

And this way, we can maintain the balance in life. By accepting life challenges, we may avoid creating the potentially unhappy moments so hard to deal with. And so, we can have more attention on the happy times.


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